First of all, Sgio [jó] or Sir, this title of nobility reserved for the island elite has crossed time and inspired our brand that bears its name today.

Throughout history and at the rhythm of culture, the Sgio is a politician, a doctor, a priest or a dreamer who left to conquer America. From great careers to great fortunes, they proved to be the actors of the political and economic life of 19th century Corsica.

From here and elsewhere….

Originally, a story, an inspiration, an intention. Revisit the traditional Chinese blue, the worker’s uniform of the 1930s and the centrepiece of our collection. Originating from the name it bears, the blue of China begins a long journey to the ports of the Mediterranean. Worn both on the seaside and inland, it makes the difference between workers and their superiors.

The worksuit regains its letters of nobility

Light and strong, practical and aesthetic, Sgio has made it it new dress code. The work dress becomes the costume of the Sgio.

Quality and craftsmanship

Our collections, designed and drawn in Corsica, come to life in the most beautiful factories in Europe. Sweatshirt, heater blue, beret, or denim line dress men, women and children.

neque. elit. ut dapibus nec ut id

Partez à la découverte des créations corses en tout genre et laissez-vous porter par  l’esprit authentique des pièces aussi différentes et surprenantes les unes que les autres.


A travers différents domaines, retrouvez le savoir-faire corse dérivé sous toutes ses formes pour le plus grand bonheur des amateurs  de créations, d’artisanat, et pièces uniques.