The cuisine of the island of Beauty is as rich in local products as in gourmet recipes.

Corsican gastronomy

To discover this gastronomy and distinguish between the true and the false, you have to accept to discover another Corsica. The recipe, to discover an island “not secret, but discreet”: “not only to go there in summer, and especially to leave the coast and the main roads”. “Corsican gastronomy does not exist” or it is “reduced to what everyone knows: brocciu and figatellu”. However, the island offers an incredible wealth of products, it is the richest gastronomic heritage of France. That is to say. A sentence as spicy as Corsica, which aims to make people react: “When people think of Corsica, for many it is idleness, the sun, the seaside… but not its gastronomic heritage, sometimes unknown to the Corsicans themselves”.

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Partez à la découverte des créations corses en tout genre et laissez-vous porter par  l’esprit authentique des pièces aussi différentes et surprenantes les unes que les autres.


A travers différents domaines, retrouvez le savoir-faire corse dérivé sous toutes ses formes pour le plus grand bonheur des amateurs  de créations, d’artisanat, et pièces uniques.