General terms and conditions of sale

  1. Creator’s commitments to Users

On CORSICA MONDE, Users will be able to purchase items directly from artisans and designers. The Creator who wishes to sell on CORSICA MONDE must respect some rules. He must, first, ensure that his articles are authorized for sale, according to the laws and regulations in force. He will then:

– to inform all the fields of his shop;
– put on sale only items available immediately or on order;
– indicate all the necessary information in his product sheets and include images of them;
– inform users of the manufacture of an article if it requires special manufacturing and this has an impact on processing and delivery times.

The Creator also undertakes to respect the following rules in order to offer the best possible customer service:

– honor processing and shipping times;

– clearly explain the processing and shipping times, and honor these commitments;
– try to settle any disagreements and conflicts directly with the Buyer. In the unlikely cave that he does not manage to find a solution, CORSICA MONDE is available to propose solutions, without CORSICA MONDE being held liable for any obligation of result;
– if he can not complete or partially or totally honor an order, he must notify CORSICA MONDE and the Buyer and cancel the order.


The Creator commits:

– not to use the functionalities or the tools made available by CORSICA MONDE to redirect transactions outside CORSICA MONDE;
– to respect a period of 6 (SIX) months from the creation of his shop before deciding to continue using or to leave and close his account on the platform (except various agreements);
– to communicate the possible moments of absence for personal reasons or others which would imply a variation in his engagements (to honor his orders);
– to communicate his presence on CORSICA MONDE the day of the activation of his shop on the social networks or other communication media used by including the link to his shop and CORSICA MONDE possibly the CORSICA MONDE logo;
– to communicate his presence on CORSICA MONDE and to communicate about his products at least twice a month on his own social networks or on other communication media;
– to credit each visual or text coming from CORSICA MONDE, if use of these there, on any type of support of communication or others;
– to make a half-yearly update with CORSICA MONDE on the state of his shop and on the products put on sale.

CORSICA MONDE reserves the right to stop all collaborations with a Creator and to close his shop if he does not respect the conditions set out in these Terms. It is also specified that the present Terms Of Sales do not replace in any case the Terms Of Services that are binding on any User of the site. All the Terms will be deemed accepted after all account creations by a Creator. This contractual package constitutes the base of the commercial relationship established between CORSICA MONDE and the Creators.


Prices :

The Creator will have to indicate, in accordance with the applicable regulation in this matter, his prices including all taxes taking into account the applicable VAT on the day of the order. These prices are understood apart from participation in the treatment costs (port, packing and making of the parcels according to amounts in force).                               The prices indicated on the site are guaranteed for the duration of on line and in the limit of stocks available.

Payment terms

The payments will be made through the secure payment system set up by CORSICA MONDE (see PAYMENT SYSTEM SECURE CORSICA MONDE.). Users may pay the Creators via Credit Card (Visa, Carte Bleue or Mastercard).


A CORSICA MONDE commission of 20% will be charged directly at the time of the transaction on the total amount (price of the article excluding delivery charges applied). CORSICA MONDE is therefore paid on the connection between the Buyer and the Creator.


CORSICA MONDE puts directly at the disposal of the Creators the choice of the delivery according to the shipping region. The Creator, by creating his product sheet, will have to indicate the weight of the article and the method of delivery chosen. The shipping costs are calculated directly when ordering at the best price for the customer following the country of shipment and the possibilities offered by the post office.

Delivery in Colissimo or Letter Followed via the post office.

/ Attention / No dispute of delivery concerning the shipping service used and no complaint regarding the non receipt of a package could be addressed to CORSICA MONDE. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Creator to come into direct contact with the services used in case of dispute or claim.


CORSICA MONDE has implemented on the Platform a secure payment system by credit card, credit or debit. CORSICA MONDE is a partner of STRIPE, a payment institution approved by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority.

STRIPE allows a direct payment to CORSICA MONDE and to all the Creators present on the Site during the various transactions.

The commission is acquired and due as soon as the Buyer places an order on the Platform, regardless of the method of payment used. CORSICA MONDE undertakes to provide a monthly history of the various transactions made by each store on the Site which will include an accounting invoice.

Transaction fees

Transaction fees will be charged on the amount of the order. These transaction fees, which are independent of the commission due to CORSICA MONDE, are fixed by the payment institution and are deducted directly from the total amount of the transaction. These transaction fees are not refundable in case of refund to the Buyer ofthe amount of his order or in case of cancellation of the transaction.


Each Creator will be in possession of a portfolio on the payment system set up by CORSICA MONDE. At each transaction, the Creator will collect on this portfolio the amount of the sale minus the CORSICA MONDE commission. This amount will finally be transferred to the professional account of the Creator. Each Creator will have to provide CORSICA MONDE, on the occasion of the creation of a shop space on the Platform, a set of administrative pieces whose content will be communicated to them from the beginning of the collaboration.


All deadlines announced by the Creators will have to be calculated in working days.     The indicated deadlines are average deadlines and correspond to the delays of treatment, preparation and dispatch of the order. They run as of the validation of the order. This period must be added the delivery time made by the shipping service used by the Creator.

Shipping deadlines to respect:

2 to 6 working days (except special case to be indicated on product sheet);


Creator’s commitment to shipping the product

The Creator commits:

– to ship the product according to the deadlines indicated on the product sheet;

– to insert any communication material relating to CORSICA MONDE supplied by CORSICA MONDE during the creation of the shop.


Claims, exercise of the right of withdrawal, cancellations and refund requests made by the Purchaser must be sent to the Creator and will be directly managed between the Buyer and the Creator within the limits and conditions implied by the secure payment system CORSICA MONDE . It is up to the Buyer and the Creator to agree. The Purchaser and the Creator will act with all due diligence necessary for the good resolution of the claims, exercises of the right of withdrawal, cancellations and requests for reimbursement.

6.1 Cancel a sale on CORSICA MONDE

The Creators undertake to carry out any validated transaction. However, it may happen that a Creator needs to cancel an invalid or null transaction. If a Creator can not finalize a transaction, he must inform the Buyer via email and cancel the transaction. The Creator must issue a full refund. We advise the Creator to keep the proof of repayment in the event of a conflict concerning a cancellation.

A Creator can cancel a transaction under the following circumstances:

1) The Buyer and the Creator jointly decided to cancel the transaction before shipping, and the Creator has paid the buyer in full;

2) The Buyer has not received the item (s) ordered, although the Creator has provided proof of shipment, and refunded the article;

3) The Buyer and the Creator have agreed to the return of the article by the Buyer for the refund; the Creator received the article and refunded it to the Buyer.

Only the Creators can cancel the transactions. If a Buyer wishes to cancel an order, he must contact the Creator via email to request cancellation.

6.2 Return and refund on CORSICA MONDE

The buyer will have a period of 14 days from the date of receipt of the order to return the product purchased on CORSICA MONDE. A buyer may return his order if:

1) The article is not suitable

A customer may, without needing to justify, return an article within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. In this case, it must be refunded the amount of the order postage included (we talk about the costs go). This reimbursement must take place no later than 30 days following the date on which the consumer exercised his right of withdrawal. The return costs are the responsibility of the Buyer.

The CORSICA MONDE commission will be refunded to the Creator.

2) Because the article has a defect

The Buyer may request the refund or replacement of the item if it has a defect.                  The Buyer must still send CORSICA MONDE and the Creator via email, to, a photo of the said defect by specifying in the subject of the mail product name, Creator and Reference. If the request is considered admissible the return costs will be borne by the Creator. If the Buyer opts for reimbursement, the CORSICA MONDE commission will not be refunded to the Creator.

3) The article arrives broken and / or deteriorated

The Buyer may request the refund or the replacement. If the Buyer opts for the refund, the CORSICA MONDE commission will not be refunded to the Creator.

In no case CORSICA MONDE is responsible for the refund of the product to the Buyer.

6.3 Exchange

In the event of an exchange, each Creator may apply his own conditions of return or exchange within the limits of what is stated in the section Return and Refund on CORSICA MONDE. This information is to be transmitted to CORSICA MONde during the activation of the shop space.

This document defines the general conditions of sale on the Platform as a whole. Subsequent agreements can be made and finalized with CORSICA MONDE by a contract specific to each Creator according to the requirements and needs of the latter.

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